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Thank you for submitting your application. 😀

You have only completed 1 of 2 steps for this Job application. We will be needing more information from you in order to properly assess your profile and shortlist.

We will be needing a Short 5 mins or less video from you along with a Writing Assessment to understand your communication.:+1:
Please follow the instructions below and submit this application.

Please ensure that you are required to provide the Exact NAME and EMAIL in order to match your application with your video and Assessment.

Once shortlisted you will be contacted via email for an interview. 📧

Video Instructions

Please record a video of your self with the clear video quality. A 4-5 minutes video answering the following:

  • Introduce yourself!
  • Your experience.
  • What’s your biggest sales achievement?
  • Where do you see yourself in 3 years?
  • Consider you called a potential prospect that you already had a first call with. On the second call he mentioned he’s still not clear about how can your Digital Marketing Services be beneficial for his business. Lead the conversation and handle the situation.
  • Leave a voice mail to a potential prospect who was supposed to get back to you by Friday 3 pm but he didn’t.

Writing Assessment Instructions

  • Please state your interests and hobbies. Please be specific and avoid writing in bullet points. Explanation would be preferred.
  • What are your current activities these days? You can state both personal and professional activities. Please be specific and avoid writing in bullet points. Explanation would be preferred.
  • Suppose you have got the below response from a prospect over an email. “Hello, I am sure that we do not outsource our marketing or development but I am not a relevant person. You can get in touch with Michael from the Marketing dept”.
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