Sakib Chaudhry

Board Member

Saad Munir

Board Member

Ume Kalsoom

Board Member


Saad Munir


Junaid Ahmad

Head of Digital Marketing

Ammar Hayat Khan

Head of Sales

Faiza Farooqi

Business Growth Manager

Itrat Hameem

Client Success Manager


Faizan Tahir

Admin & HR Manager

Rubab Rizvi

Content Writer

Bilal Siddiqui

Content Writer

Ureeda Ahmed

Content Writer

Farhan Ramzan

SEO Team Lead

Talha Subhani

SEO Executive

Nasir Rahmat

SEO Executive

Khaliq ur Rehman

SEO Executive

Naymah Farooqi

WordPress Developer

Abubaker Ali

WordPress Developer

Arfa Noor

Ecommerce Expert

Yasir Latif


Shahrukh Mehboob

Graphic Designer

Zeenat Sajid

Ecommerce Trainee

Sami Ullah Khan

Customer Support Lead

Waseem Akbar

3D Modeler

More About the Team

We have created a team of highly skilled professionals who offer diverse ideas and efficiency of work. Their experience, knowledge, professionalism, and passion to work hard make HexaClicks a progressive and fast-growing digital marketing agency. The strategies and campaigns these individuals come up with are custom-curated to meet the needs and requirements of every partner and client that works with us.

Every individual in the team is provided with countless opportunities to learn skills that would help them build a successful career. That is how we enable them to grow as professionals, and in return, they make efforts to make HexaClicks a company that guarantees business success to its partners and clients.

How We Work

We believe in empowering our employees in the best way possible. We do this by taking their valuable insights and inculcate them into our strategies to yield better results. More so, we happen to provide them with the latest certifications and trainings to become experts of digital marketing. Also, we make sure that we provide them with all the opportunities to be a part of every relevant on-site and off-site workshop.

Apart from that, we keep them motivated by understanding their needs and providing them with a healthy working environment.

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About Hexaclicks

HexaClicks is a premium digital marketing agency with dynamic experience helping partner agencies grow exponentially. We have been providing countless learning and growth opportunities to employees throughout our journey towards success.

We believe in creating a company environment that ensures professional and personal growth for every individual associated with the organization.

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